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Our philosophy

Little Einstein Daycare system is built on various philosophies. We have adopted the Montessori Method and the Reggio Project Approach as well as our own unique system. Our philosophy emphasizes the importance of comfort, cooperation and education. We believe that this will encourage your child to always feel confident enough to put their best foot forward in their continued pursuit of education.

We believe in:


  • Smile and welcome each child
  • Show every child how special he/she is-instill confidence at a young age
  • Spend quality time with each individual-give every child the much-needed attention
  • Create a loving atmosphere that encourages friendships


  • Let each child find activities that he/she enjoys-provide a wide selection of activities that promote problem solving
  • Promote sharing and cooperation-encourage children to play together, provide group activities and create environments the advance communal play


  • Our educators listen to every child and show them the utmost respect-we believe that education should evoke communication.
  • Reading, singing, and talking to the children-engage the children in different mediums to continual motivate their attention
  • Always act with care, love and kindness with everyone at the centre-a loving environment is a good learning environment
  • Express emotions and feelings through drama and movement-help each child develop acuity in responding to non-verbal communication and promote mutual consideration and artistic growth
Academic Learning
Our early childhood education curriculum is the stepping stone to future success in academic learning. There is a big difference between babysitting programs and a learning centre like Little Einstein Education Centre.
In Little Einstein Education Centre we encourage creativity. By nurturing the ability to create something from personal feelings and experiences we nurture nurture children's emotional health. The first years of a child's life are made of experiences that can significantly enhance the development of their creativity.
Computer & Technology
Children learn and develop new skills by engaging in our Tech program. We work towards strengthening each child’s skills through fun and interactive programs. Children learn how to work together using today’s modern technology, we touch on all areas of education with our Computer and Tech program.
Social Skills Development
We create an environment that stimulates healthy social interactions between children. Studies show that children who develop good social skills at a young age more likely to become successful adults.
Cognitive Development
Child care quality directly impacts cognitive development of children. We promote cognitive skill development in children with activities that provide progressive building of learning skills, such as attention, memory and thinking.
Little Einstein Education Centre offers a comprehensive array of extracurricular activities to compliment the daily curriculum. All our extracurricular activities are being offered to all children attending any of our programs.

Our team

Our experienced and Registered Early Childhood Educators work with the children and their families to develop effective learning strategies.

Our staff is an educated and caring group that work how to ensure each child feels truly special and welcomed.

Each of our educators receives training before working at our centre. Little Einstein Daycare celebrates a multicultural environment.

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