While many childcare centres are open just six hours a day, we offer service in the York Region area from 6:30am to 6:30 pm, giving parents options. We are also unique because we are open on holidays, PA days, Winter break, March break and summers - ensuring your children are cared for all year round.

Our experienced educators offer full day programs to infants, toddlers, preschoolers, & kindergarteners.

Additionally, we offer:

  • Before and after school care for children ages 5-10 that provides comfortable, safe and stimulating environments to school-aged children.
  • Summer day camp that incorporates academics, physical activity and play through performance arts, sports and adventure
  • An indoor playground and birthday centre that offers parents affordable and flexible party packages to help make your child’s special day a success
  • Huge Party room for rent, offering families options of movies, games, gym activities and fun.

Our program provides parents with a wide array of advantages that other centres in the York Region do not. We realize that sometimes, finances are tough, which is why we include everything in one low price. This includes hot fresh meals and nutritious snacks, three teachers per classroom, early assessment and intervention services, extended hours, daily reports, and a wide array of extracurricular activities.

We also recognize that sometime parents want to be able to watch their children in action, which is why we invite parents to do so with our open door policy, a contrast to many of the other childcare options.

Our holistic approach values the parent’s time, professional and personal life as well as the child’s education, safety and happiness. We strive to create an inviting, caring and comfortable childcare where children can develop cognitively, socially and physically while being supported and making every moment of the early years of their lives count for the better.

At our centre we seek to help children develop socially, cognitively, and physically with childcare that is flexible, innovative and fun for children.

 Enrichment activities include:

  • Language program that introduces multilingual vocabulary (alphabet, numbers, greetings etc.) through games, stories and songs.
  • Hands-on music program to help children express themselves through music and movement.
  • Yoga, music & movement to engage children and babies’ bodies and minds, help them build strength, flexibility and balance.
  • Drama program to encourage children to express their emotions, develop self-confidence, appreciate the arts and expand their knowledge on how to communicate.
  • Everyday exercises to help children build self-control, grow motor skills, be polite members of society and gain conflict resolution skills.
  • Computer and Technology program to strengthen children’s ability to work with modern technology. Our computer and technology program is integrated with art, science, math, multilingual games, reading, motor development and more.
  • Karate to teach children independence, listening skills, self-discipline, focus, self-confidence, memory, mental health, and goal setting skills.


Our Centre was built upon various educational philosophies and we incorporated the Montessori method within our distinctive system. After nearly 25 years of working with children, we know that children are innately inquisitive and drawn to learning new things. This is why we value each child’s individuality and treat children uniquely according to their needs, interests and rate of social, cognitive and physical development.

In line with Montessori school philosophy we provide children in the York Region District with a friendly, loving and nurturing environment focused on comfort, cooperation and education. This means each child has the freedom to choose the activities that they feel comfortable with and educators encourage a hands-on approach to learning. We believe education should evoke communication and we value listening and respecting children’s needs and interests.

In adopting the Montessori school approach in our childcare, we have developed a method for inspiring learning amongst children that emphasizes allowing each child to take charge of their education and discover the joy of learning through exploration, interaction and independence. When children have the freedom to choose what activities they take part in, they are more engaged and excited about learning new things.

Enriching children using the Montessori approach

By using the Montessori school approach in the fundamental building blocks for our childcare, we prepare children for future schooling. We believe that the early years of a child’s life are the stepping-stones that lead to a successful, happy and healthy life and each one of the moments of childhood matter. That’s why we carefully tailor our curriculum to foster growth and work to cultivate curiosity, creativity and intelligence among our children.

We count our success in the smiles of our children’s faces and have witnessed countless children in the York Region area move on to become active, intelligent, creative and above all, happy, students. Through tutoring, early assessment and intervention services, extracurricular activities and ensuring three teachers are assigned to each classroom, we make sure each child has the resources and support necessary to succeed.


We believe that Children work best when they are given the opportunity to explore and construct in there own pace. Our centre is built to encourage children to manipulate the environment using the various materials around the room and create to the appropriate level of the individual. The Reggio approach sees children at their full potential and capable of directing their own interests. We believe that children work best while in a collaborative environment where they can explore their own interests. Our teachers offer children a supportive and educational classroom where they work in small groups throughout the day while exploring “the 100 languages of the child” to encourage creativity and love of learning. The 100 languages are important and included drawing, moulding, dramatic play, writing, and painting etc. They are used to represent children’s thinking around a topic or an experience.


Curiosity about the world comes naturally to children. Through play, they can actively explore the environment and the world around them. Some ways children learn through play are:

  • Exploring ideas and language
  • Manipulating objects
  • Acting out roles
  • Experimenting with materials (blocks, natural items, slime, paint and playdough)

Play is an important method of learning and helps young learners construct knowledge in all areas covered by the curriculum. Different types of pedagogical play such as modeled play, open-ended play and purposeful framed play provide opportunities for young children to develop knowledge through experience. Play based learning is important in developing inquisitive young learners as it helps them discover and solve problems in playful and unique ways. A classroom is a social space which is much more than the physical space.

Our classroom environment is designed to invite, provoke and enhance learning as well as encourage communication, collaboration and inquiry. The play-based teaching takes the “inquiry stance” on practice by giving children the opportunity to answer the “why” that comes naturally to them. The child, the teacher and the environment are all three crucial elements in making learning through inquiry happen.

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